live at club rectum

solo works median c-8 ep (monorail; 2001/1)
edition of 100 copies

anatomy scum-drum 3" CD-r (monorail; 2002/10)
edition of 50 copies

disc study 3" CD-r (monorail; 2003/3)
edition of 10 copies

recycled music c-46 (rrrecords; 2003/3)
unlimited edition

debilitant c-60 (monorail; 2003/5)
edition of 30 copies

erase c-46 (monorail; 2003/5)
edition of 30 copies

stitching c-50 (monorail; 2003/5)
edition of 30 copies

pure audio failure: live recordings CD-r (monorail; 2003/8)
private edition of 19 copies

restraint c-10 (truculent; 2003/12)
edition of 70 copies

facade one-sided c-90 (monorail; 2003/12)
private edition of 5 copies

woman / evaporating card disc (PACrec; 2004/3)
edition of 48 copies

volatile CD (hospital productions / truculent recordings; 2004/3)
edition of 1000 copies

look c-1 (srr; 2004/3)
edition of 50 copies (first 25 with brown covers, second 25 with white covers)

mechanism c-10 (monorail; 2004/4)
private edition of 5 copies

live lungmotor c-20 (monorail; 2004/7)
first edition of 25 copies (first 5 with creme covers, remaining 20 with brown covers)
second edition unlimited reissue (2010/8)

damsel c-20 (monorail; 2004/12)
edition of 50 copies (first 2 with light grey covers, remaining 48 with dark grey covers)
second edition unlimited reissue (2010/8)

come-hither c-10 (monorail; 2005/7)
edition of 100 copies

morose c-10 (callow god)
first edition of 50 copies (2005/7)
second edition of 50 copies with different cover (2006/1)

eternal c-10 (hospital productions; 2005/7)
edition of 100 copies

clandestine CD-r (lame cunts imagination)
edition of 5 copies

fatale CD (hospital productions / hanson records)
edition of 1000 copies

severance c-24 (monorail; 2006/9)
edition of 100 copies

vestige LP (hospital productions; 2006/10)
edition of 300 copies

austere CD (monorail; 2009/5)
edition of 1000 copies

east fork / north fork c-26 (housecraft)
first edition of 50 copies (2010/6)
second edition of 500 copies, CD (2010/8)

kithless LP (arbor; 2012/6)
edition of 500 copies

eleventh hour c-30 (self-released; 2013/8)
edition of 100 copies
LP reissue edition of 300 copies (gilgongo records; 2015/10)

natural causes 7" (a dear girl called wendy; 2013/12)
edition of 100 copies

the architector LP / c-40 (monorail; 2015/8)
LP edition of 500 copies
c-40 edition of 300 copies

dyers' hands CD (monorail; 2019/3)
edition of 500 copies

nostalgia: 2000-06 3xCD (monorail; 2021/2)
edition of 500 copies

debilitant • erase • stitching c-60 / c-46 / c-50 (monorail; 2021/3)
edition of 200 copies

split works 'untitled' card disc with chrysalis (cipher productions; 2003/5)
edition of 100 copies

'vs. sewage' CD-r ep (freckle; 2003/10)
unknown edition

'untitled' c-20 with the cherry point (troniks; 2003/12)
edition of 24 copies

'untitled' 7" with armenia (dada drumming; 2004/3)
edition of 200 copies (royal blue vinyl -- first 50 with c-8 of same material)

'blood orphanage' c-8 with the cherry point (troniks; 2004/4)
edition of 22 copies

'foreshadowing' c-20 with oscillating innards (monorail; 2004/7)
edition of 100 copies

'untitled' c-20 with the cherry point (monorail; 2004/7)
edition of 25 copies

'forlorn (endless longing)' c-20 with impregnable (monorail; 2005/7)
edition of 100 copies

'untitled' c-10 with ex-jesus (monorail; 2005/10)
edition of 100 copies

'live at black lion' one-sided c-60 with oscillating innards (lame cunts imagination; 2005/11)
edition of 7 copies

'untitled' c-10 with maim (iatrogenesis; 2006/5)
edition of 100 copies

'untitled' c-10 with privy seals (monorail; 2006/5)
edition of 100 copies

'untitled' c-10 with powdered wigs (hate state; 2006/10)
edition of 100 copies

collaborative works 'untitled' CD-r with metrocide (monorail / 23 productions; 2003/9)
edition of 50 copies

'red head' one-sided c-90 with prurient (rrrecords; 2004/9)
edition of 48 copies

future blondes '// angele l// ' LP (breathing problem productions)
'angele los (children ov star* s.t.t.c.)'
edition of 100 copies

clipping. 'there existed an addiction to blood' 2xLP/CD/CS (sub pop; 2019/10)
unlimited edition

clipping. 'visions of bodies being burned' 2xLP/CD/CS (sub pop; 2020/10)
'secret piece'
unlimited edition

compilations 'let it snow' 2xCD-r (zaftig research; 2000/8)
"rudolf the rednoise reindeer"
edition unknown

'2 ducks on a truck' 2xCD-r (hospital productions; 2001/?)
"JEW (collaboration with prurient)"
edition of 50 copies

'unwelcomed or ignored: the 2001 norcal noisefest performance compilation' CD (super art media; 2001/10)
"switchboard failure: with contempt"
edition of 500 copies

'noisefest 2003 commemorative coaster' CD-r (super art media; 2003/10)
"she's out having fun tonight"
edition of 500 copies

'strident underbelly' DVD-r (ouch my eyeball films; 2005/2)
"live 2004/7/19"
edition unknown

'nitro dragsters' 2xCD-r (militant walls; 2005/10)
edition of 100 copies

'naked, bruised' c-10 (callow god sound; 2005/11)
edition of 100 copies

'the swamp comp, vol. III' 2xcd-r (swamp of pus; 2006/2)
"live 2005/8/06"
edition unknown

'sacramento audio waffle, Vol. 1' DVD-r (SLON; 2006/4)
"live 2006/1/29"
edition unknown

'la noisescape' CD (bastardized; 2006/7)
"intrigued by her stare"
edition of 1000 copies

'love interrupts. a dada drumming sampler' CD (dada drumming; 2006/8)
"devoid (i will never be alright)"
edition of 1000 copies; promotional

'rare youth' 2xCD (rare youth; 2006/10)
"you will not treat me this way"
edition of 1000 copies

'like a frog in winter' LP + 7" (hospital productions; 2008/12)
edition of 500 copies

'all together now' soundtrack cs (2013/5)
"combustion," "the flutter"
edition unknown; promotional

remixes deadly pedestrian 'jimmy, you'll always be ok' c-8 (dada drumming)
first edition of 100 copies; anonymously distributed (2004/1)
second edition of 100 copies; traditionally distributed (2004/7)

oscillating innards 'cancerite' CD-r (iatrogenesis; 2004/3)
'boonville (noisomeness atmospherics medley)'
edition unknown
miscellaneous viodre 'interpol alchemi' CD (hospital productions; 2011/10)
contributor of source material, uncredited
edition of 500 copies

various 'nothing left now' CD-r (kalifornialoveaddiction; 2001/6)
contributor of source material; viodre
edition unknown

sewer election 'an ode to reality' c-20 (chondritc sound; 2005/2)
contributor of source material
edition of 67 copies