explanation started winter 2000 by jonathan borges; joined by shannon a. kennedy in mid-2008.

early intentions were to create various layers of abstract and structured electronic sound, with no pre-determined relation to each other until mixed -- the final mix creating the piece. this approach failed, and a brief six-month hiatus followed.

during the mid-period, it was decided to include anything and everything -- dense urban-noir field recordings; collages; hybrids of analog and digital; noise, music and sound -- all refined and placed under the microscope, until only the most important elements remained. a new style of noise music composition was born, richly influenced by every style and every era of experimental music. as usual, this process was heavily exhausted, and another hiatus followed in 2006.

in 2008, the project extended to a duo, and the present intentions began with the focus on reverse tension; sublimation; hybrids of electro-acoustic / tape music; sound collage / musique concrete; harsh noise; academic, neo-classical, lowercase, and beyond; all richly composed, as usual.

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