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mt142cs [mt142cs] Vasculae Spectrum Art c-44
Long-delayed 'split fracture' album offering mirror images of past, present and future Vasculae. On the A-side, recent sessions from 2020 and 2021 -- the same period as the 'Broken Lust' album, continuing that inward struggle of darkened clang, enveloping tonal loop stasis and (un)restrained fragments of multi-tracked grit; noise-as-all-source. For the B-side, a glimpse of the project's inception with a side-long harsh piece recorded in 2012 during the first five-hour recording session and painstakingly edited apart/together over the course of nine years.

mt142cs-a.mp3Riven mt142cs-b.mp3Spectrum Art

mt141cs [mt141cs] Dominic Coppola Prisms In Dalliance c-30
Interplanetary drift and current which properly unfurls over repeated listens. Crystalline intonations unfold and cascade into a heavy mass of expansive geometrics -- Intercede for Us. With the more subdued B-side, tone chords slowly emerge from swirling petroglyphs of dark resonance; truly 'At the Mercy of an Aphrodisiac' indeed. Mastered by James Plotkin.

mt141cs-a.mp3Intercede For Us mt141cs-b.mp3At the Mercy Of An Aprodisiac

mt140cs [mt140cs] Tinnitustimulus Scrinj Maas c-40
Live hard analog sessions recorded in 2021. A headcleaner of primal room sound; gritty jackhammer fuzz saturating waves of ring mod, undercurrents of filter sweep and bell-tones of metallic clang -- all unfolding with organic evolution. A perfect union of Japanese and American aesthetics.

mt140cs-a.mp3Pistel mt140cs-b.mp3Scread

mt139cd [mt139cd] Vasculae Broken Lust CD
The distant clang and scrape of metals, slow burning atmospherics, and subdued electronics both tonal and textured; less blast and more resignation this time around. Mostly recorded and composed in early 2020 and slowly picked at during the first cycle of the end times. The soundtrack to the death rattles of this life cycle, foreshadowing a slow-motion chemical apocalypse; Let it burn, let it crumble, just let me get some hedonism out of the way before it's too late. Three tracks designed as variations on a theme utilizing similar compositional arcs and narratives, with the extra fourth track being a "performance mix" -- utilizing the same sources -- created for Tabitha Piseno's 'Noise & Politics' on Montez Press Radio in March 2020, as well as the arc of two live performances in Los Angeles just as the world shut down. Edition of 300 copies in digipack.

mt139cd-1.mp3Fragmentary I: Broken mt139cd-2.mp3Fragmentary II: Lust

mt138cd [mt138cd] Dave Gilden Texas Chainsaw Dopefiend CD
Originally released on cassette in 1996, TCD is, at it's core, a Mother Savage 'mega-mix' composition of Gilden's work as engineered by Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella -- encompassing his projects Sawgasm, Crackhouse, Depress/Regress, and work under his own name as the source material for a manic amphetamine-fueled journey through the highs and lows of various chemical states; encompassing unhinged harsh sessions that build to abrupt jump cuts and inspired use of the stereo field, primitive caveman percussion, psychedelic tape collage with short samples of Big Black and The Decline of Western Civilization along the way, all layered and edited with surgical precision -- a true masterwork of advanced and inventive tape composition using the primitive instruments of 1990's recording technology well beyond their capabilities. The 90's brought many instant classics to the noise genre, but TCD stands above them all as perfection, and should be viewed as a benchmark going forward. This transfer of the original master tape, done by William Hutson (Rale, clipping.), has been carefully engineered to preserve and enhance the quality of the original without compromising it's integrity. Edition of 300 copies in digipack. Co-released with new Swedish imprint S.A.P., who will handle all European distribution.

mt138cd-1.mp3Fucked mt138cd-2.mp3Devil Worship

mt136cs [mt136cs] History Of Leather Courte Oreilles To 33rd c-20
Brute rust belt concréte compositions of full spectrum, delicate yet hard-edged crumbling narratives from Chicago's south side.

mt136cs-a.mp3Northwoods mt136cs-b.mp3Rivers Edge Plaza

mt135cs [mt135cs] Pedestrian Deposit Debilitant • Erase • Stitching 3xCS
The early, solo-project era of PD had two concurrent but intentionally separate behaviors; the all encompassing genre-hybrid for which is most commonly known, and another infrequent mode as a traditional, old-school harsh noise project dealing in micro-edition releases of less accessible material. This is perhaps the most definitive release of that personality, originally released in 2003 in a limited edition of 30 copies. Consisting of five sides of blisteringly pure electronics recorded live in the studio and direct to tape with no editing -- with the final side reserved for a long sound-collage piece -- this cassette trilogy effectively links the two modes but also re-contextualizes the familiar elements of the project and presents them in isolated form, making for some of the most obscure and uncompromising PD material. Packaged in a triple cassette case with new artwork, with all tracks remastered in 2020.

mt135cs-1.mp3Skirt mt135cs-2.mp3Electrostatics II mt135cs-3.mp3Fishnet Stockings

mt133cs [mt134cd] Pedestrian Deposit Nostalgia: 2000-06 3xCD
Finally complete after 13 years of attempt. 44 tracks across 3 full discs, compiling all the essential non-album cuts from phase one PD -- including 7 previously unreleased and never before heard -- totaling over 3 hours of pioneering visceral, dramatic, fast-paced and constantly engaging brute-concréte electronics driven by urban dread, isolation, culture shock, social detachment and coming-of-age desires. Composed with the most primitive of means from the outside looking in. Guest appearances by Viodre, Sewer Election and Circuit Wound. All tracks have been remastered from their original digital files in 2020; throw away your mp3 rips and submit to a dense cerebral world of dimly lit street lights and exposed collarbones.

mt134cd-1.mp3Black Ponytail mt134cd-2.mp3Absent mt134cd-3.mp3Never Let You Go

mt133cs [mt133cs] Blind Date Judy Garland Pavilion c-30
The requisite principles of 1990's metallic burl distilled through layers of aggressively employed junk and sharp 2000's-era hyper-cuts are merged with skill. Crisply engineered and moving around the stereo field in a forward motion. With a steady and consistent series of releases via Dead Gods, New Forces, White Centipede, Angst and Oxen, Blind Date should need no introduction at all as an established institute for well-crafted harsh noise.

mt133cs-a.mp3Comments at The Table Read mt133cs-b.mp3Smiling Through the Years

mt132cs [mt132cs] Scald Hymn Balming Mechanism c-40
Four untitled tracks of brutish, inspired and primitive organics, recorded at the Western Massachusetts pillar Cold Spring Hollow throughout 2019 and early 2020. Bowed, scraped and clattering metals obstructed with patterns of tense electronics that at first threaten to engulf before conspiring to mitigate. Employing only the principal tools to their full potential. A distinctly New England touch.

mt132cs-a.mp3A1 mt132cs-b.mp3B2

mt131cs [mt131cs] Jackson-Pratt Skullcutter Herringbone c-40
Right through the center like an icepick headache. Direct, imposing and saturated, with abrupt shifts, quick edits and instantly piercing shards of feedback. Second MT tape for Seany and certainly not the last. Includes an epic tribute/cover/re-interpretation of The Replacements on the B-side.

mt131cs-a.mp3Skullcutter Herringbone mt131cs-b.mp3Treatment Bound

mt130cs [mt130cs] Lapse Nothing Feels Right c-40
Blown out and massed patterns of red-line scrape and abrasion; cyclical and blaring, a thunderstorm of gutter-nihilism emanates from the streets and sewers of NYC. 40 continuous minutes of rugged and ripping sound that never relents. Sensation of Living b/w Get Fucked up and Die. 2020's definitive spirit.

mt130cs-a.mp3Sensation of Living mt130cs-b.mp3Get Fucked Up and Die

mt129cs [mt129cs] Grant Evans Albatross c-30
Americana-concrète. Tape-pitched elements -- organic, synthetic and mechanical -- weave in and out, blurring reality with dread and unease. Buzzing, scraping, swelling; dying voices in the cirque of tape-delay. Through the projects Nova Scotian Arms, Quiet Evenings, Ornamental Hairpin and labels such as Hooker Vision, VAALD and Adversary Electronics, Evans should need no introduction; he, along with partner and collaborator Rachel Evans have been a consistent, prolific force in the South for over a decade.

mt129cs-a.mp3Severed Thread mt129cs-b.mp3India Ink Mirror

mt128cs [mt128cs] Nystrand / Klein Bayou Stickee c-22
Dual hellfire studio collaboration recorded in Sweden from Nystrand (VMS Elit, Quack Quack, Heinz Hopf) and Klein (techno outlaw, here in psychedelic synth mode). Sharpened oscillators navigate the undercurrent of distortion and crumble. Sticky and chunky, like aural peanut brittle.

mt128cs-a.mp3Side A mt128cs-b.mp3Side B

mt127cs [mt127cs] Sunk Cost Altitude Sickness c-40
Sunk Cost is Johnathan Cash, a young man based in Denver, Colorado who knows his noise composition. Altitude Sickness is fourty non-stop minutes of intense stereo-panning, hyper-active jump cuts and perfectly-timed breakdowns, in the tradition of the Japanese and American post-treaty leaders, with nary a moment wasted. Features guest electronics from Richard Ramirez on one track.

mt1257cs-a.mp3Mountain Fever mt127cs-b.mp3Medical Model

mt126cs [mt126cs] Ligature 245 Days in Hell c-20
NYC's Chris Hansell -- armed with the tools of AM radio, tape loops, field recordings, contact mic and synth -- presents twenty minutes of harrowing audio drama and collage wrought from a period of deep personal turmoil. Isolated, repurposed audio materials form a subtle melodic backdrop with layers of organic and complimentary electro-acoustics uncoiling into focused outbursts of overloaded, poised harsh sculpture before descending into concrete ruminations. No help in sight.

mt126cs-a.mp3Pit Viper / Heat Stroke mt126cs-b.mp3Despondency / Brown Recluse

mt125cs [mt125cs] Scant Estrangement c-24
Second tape for East Coast linchpin M. Boettke after 2015's 'Wake of Dissolution.' Two untitled tracks of smoldering and combustible iron roar; the A-side being an impeccable decoding of the center of an incinerator rising to full steam, while Side B proceeds into the crackling of heat embers burning out, eventually giving way to an undercurrent pulse of sub bass oscillation. Mastered by John Pyle.

mt125cs-a.mp3Side A mt125cs-b.mp3Side B

mt124cs [mt124cs] Fleeting Breath Unfiction c-20
A return to MT for Dillon Tulk, formerly known as Ferveur Noire. Concrete assemblages of modular and taped sources crafted over a four year period; varying from urgent and frenetic to calm, still and anxious, yet never desperate or cluttered. A fine work of controlled sound composition.

mt124cs-a.mp3Lavender Doe mt124cs-b.mp3Tongue Vortex

mt122cd [mt122cd] Pedestrian Deposit Dyers' Hands CD
The ninth PD full-length album. In a reversal of tradition, the material was initially developed over the course of several live performances throughout Europe and the U.S. before entering the studio. Composed specifically for the CD format and recorded in stunning clarity, the result is a thrilling and dynamic listen; not only encompassing several genres of experimental music across five tracks, but also every phase of the group's history -- from active cut-up noise, to elements of neo-classical minimalism, to dark ambient soundscapes and everything in between, avoiding the sometimes temporary nature of such an approach.

mt122cd-1.mp3Auger mt122cd-2.mp3What Can't Be Taken

mt121cs [mt121cs] Vasculae New Orthodoxy c-34
The first completed material in over a year following a long battle with various creative blocks introduces a dark ambient element to the ongoing focus of placing harsh noise in different contextual environments. Voice recordings are filtered beyond recognition in the hope that their original intent transfers to the listener, while the overall compositional approach harkens back to the early years of PD's extreme dynamic contrast.

mt121cs-a.mp3Panic and Abatement mt121cs-b.mp3Obsidere

mt120cs [mt120cs] Jackson-Pratt Semi-Good lookin' c-30
A potent blast of saturation and crunch, the second tape from this NYC-based project wastes no time in establishing itself -- hard panned stereo layers of junk metal intersect with consistently engaging, full spectrum textures from start to finish; clear as crystal, never thin or muddy. Paired with an equally engaging live performance, Jackson-Pratt is at the forefront of contemporary American Harsh Noise, and deserves your immediate attention.

mt120cs-a.mp3Sex Shame mt120cs-b.mp3Drain Bulb

mt114cs [mt114cs] Shredded Nerve Bleeding From The Head c-32
Kicking it right off with a forceful synth overtone and never relenting. Five tracks of uniquely varied elements placed in a forward thinking context: industrial synth dread, concrete audio voyeurism, and naturally ocurring harsh noise. Compelling narrative work from a young artist at the height of his powers. Edition of 100 copies, with full color artwork by JB.

mt114cs-a.mp3Ensnared Within Itself mt114cs-b.mp3Spontaneoue Pneumothorax

mt100lp [mt100lp/cs] Pedestrian Deposit The Architector LP / c-40
The culmination of five years of obsessive work — fits and starts of ongoing perfectionism that spawned two solo projects and two additional records. Beginning with crude and unfamiliar source materials, each sound is examined from every possible angle, then taken apart and reconstructed along with the compositional process. From 2010 forward, each phase is represented; the past three U.S. tours have given clues, and these recordings offer more of the puzzle, but you will never get everything at once. To be experienced as foreground with no distractions.

mt100lp-a.mp3A Cold Harvest mt100lp-b.mp3Shifted Snake

mt93cs [mt93cs] Nephila Subcutaneous Memory c-20
Long awaited debut solo recordings from Shannon A. Kennedy (Pedestrian Deposit). Narrative compositions for zither, homemade string instruments and other surprises that evoke the spirits of surrealism, dark experimental music, and traditional asian instruments. Two pieces from 2009 and 2012; recommended listening under low light, a full moon, or in the woods. Special art edition forthcoming from Shannon directly.

mt93cs-a.mp3A Subtle Shift in the Smallest Hours mt93cs-b.mp3Bent With the Wind

mt92cd [mt92cd] Rale I Sit By The Window And Watch Walls And Ceiling CD
Perhaps William Hutson's best achievement yet, an impeccable follow up to his excellent 'Some Kissed Charms …' LP for the Isounderscore label last year. Long form, expert-level sound collage, composed with the format in mind from improvisations recorded between 2007 - 2011 as a continuous piece in seven parts. Weaving together the aesthetics of minimalism, academia, and subterranean noise study with electro-acoustics and elements of dark soundtrack style synth work, the end result is rich and modern musique concrete with a heavy literary influence overhead. Essential.

mt92cd-3.mp3Swimming Beside the Plane mt92cd-7.mp3When It Becomes the World

mt91cd [mt91cd] Vasculae Cultural Primitivism CD
Full circle. A new project from Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Everyday Loneliness, Emaciator, etc). After several years of operating in more subtle areas of experimental music, Vasculae is a return to form; sharp noise composition with emphasis on layering, texture, purity, and 'natural dynamics,' as opposed to the rapid-fire cut-ups of the past. Elements of wall noise, crackle, and 90's style raw blast are fused in these three tracks pulled from two years of intermittent 5-7 hour recording sessions. No melodic ambient interludes, no tape loops, no instruments -- only the sources of pure noise textures.

mt91cd-1.mp3Retrograde mt91cd3.mp3The Dying of the Light

mt78cd [mt78cd] Pedestrian Deposit East Fork / North Fork CD
Deluxe instant reissue of the much-too-limited edition Housecraft tape, including two new and previously unreleased tracks; 32 minutes of new music. Reflective of our live sets of the past year and a half. Residing in the netherworld between various genres, as usual.

mt78cd-1.mp3A Light Through Sediment mt78cd-2.mp3Cycle of Combustion

mt68cd [mt68cd] Pedestrian Deposit Austere CD
Five years in the making, and the first duo recordings -- a very, very calculated and controlled effort. Moving past the harsh noise cutups but not eschewing them entirely; rather, moving forward to areas of sound collage, music-concrete, field recording and electroacoustic. To be heard as one long piece. The progression continues.

mt68cd-1.mp3Requite mt68cd-2.mp3You Didn't Break Me