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[mt121cs] Vasculae New Orthodoxy c-34
The first completed material in over a year following a long battle with various creative blocks introduces a dark ambient element to the ongoing focus of placing harsh noise in different contextual environments. Voice recordings are filtered beyond recognition in the hope that their original intent transfers to the listener, while the overall compositional approach harkens back to the early years of PD's extreme dynamic contrast.

mt121cs-a.mp3Panic and Abatement mt121cs-b.mp3Obsidere

[mt120cs] Jackson-Pratt Semi-Good lookin' c-30
A potent blast of saturation and crunch, the second tape from this NYC-based project wastes no time in establishing itself -- hard panned stereo layers of junk metal intersect with consistently engaging, full spectrum textures from start to finish; clear as crystal, never thin or muddy. Paired with an equally engaging live performance, Jackson-Pratt is at the forefront of contemporary American Harsh Noise, and deserves your immediate attention.

mt120cs-a.mp3Sex Shame mt120cs-b.mp3Drain Bulb

[mt119cs] Tinnitustimulus Punct / Contrapunct c-20
Four punctual tracks of frenetic, yet assured energy highly informed by mid-2000’s Southern California moves — from jarring and massed stereo profusion to moments of shrill, anxious feedback stasis, not a moment is wasted in these twenty minutes. As a well-established live force, if you’ve attended any noise fest on the East Coast within the past few years, chances are Tomas Bennett’s set arrived at the peak of the night and threw the show into overdrive, rendering all that came after obsolete. It’s time for his recorded work to do the same.

mt119cs-a.mp3Flueira mt119cs-b.mp3Contrapunct

[mt118cs] Nick Klein White Cliifs of Dover c-30
Recorded partially while in transit during his European tour earlier this year, and following a string of firmly techno-rooted EP’s for techno-rooted labels, this is a first in that it highlights and links — seamlessly — the many versatilities of this New York by way of Florida producer; from miminal and cyclical modular tracks to experiments with software processing and acoustic guitar, while also retaining his specific hybrid of industrial and lurid, aphotic club music language.

mt118cs-a.mp3Clumsy Magician mt118cs-b.mp3 Necking

[mt116cs] Still Image Without c-20
Following up shortly after MT’s Hostage Pageant release with Shane Church’s sibling project. Crude, simple, yet direct tracks utilizing room sounds and amplified metal instruments. Patient and organic, yet heavy handed tape music for noise heads.

mt116cs-a.mp3Above A Solitary Structure mt116cs-b.mp3Guns Now Appear Silent

[mt115cs] Jim Haynes Vane Dodson c-40
Acousmatic sound research from veteran bay area technician Jim Haynes. Electronic distress signals initiate panic and tension through abrupt jump cuts into alternate contexts. Echoes of John Duncan, Hafler Trio and Joe Colley hover above and around Jim’s soundworld, but his aesthetic is a universe all his own.

mt115cs-a.mp3Kilo mt115cs-b.mp3 Vane Dodson IV

[mt112cs] Torba Laavg Drjòt c-20
Torba is Mauro Diciocia, an Italian soundworker based in Berlin. As with fellow countrymen Lettera 22, elements of musique concrete, noise composition and electro-acoustic tape music are fused to create something which feels like a truly living, breathing organism of physical intellectual sound, constantly active and engaging.

mt112cs-a.mp3Laavg mt112cs-b.mp3 Drjòt

[mt111cs] Hostage Pageant Extinguisher c-20
Breakneck noise suffocation from Shane Church, taking the project back to it’s inception with two short, sharp shocks of fire and smoke that maintain the rawness and fluidity of live dynamics; no breaks, no breathing room, no subtlety.

mt111cs-a.mp3Zero Equals Zero mt111cs-b.mp3 Off-Camera Light Source

[mt110cs] Slow Tongued Beauty Sopportare c-28
Sopportare translates into english as ’to bear’ — and it is a dark journey through aggressive electronic synthesis transitioning from calmer passages of modular minimalism, to arrhythmic industrial jackhammer brutality, noise cut-ups and harrowing, dramatic sound design, each with razor-sharp precision. Slow Tongued Beauty is the project of Ryan Scott Kerr, based in Philadelphia.

mt110cs-a.mp3Side A mt110cs-b.mp3 Side B

[mt109cs] False Moniker In Parenthesis c-30
Known for his visual work, his label Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., as well as his many collaborations with Cremation Lily, False Moniker is the project of Belgian artist Niels Geybels, who also works as Sequences. This is considered by the artist to be the debut full length release of FM. Six tracks of minimal and narrative industrial bedroom melodicism, intimately documented on 4-track cassette.

mt109cs-a.mp3Retina mt109cs-b.mp3The Manifold Dunes

[mt107cs] Circuit Wound Succumbing to the Inevitable Automation c-46
A concept album recorded in 2011 and left to simmer until the proper relevant cultural boiling point, Circuit Wound returns to MT after 15 years. Dystopian, apocalyptic hellfire/damnation acid burn electronics, owing a great debt the Japanese — in particular, Thirdorgan and MSBR. Hard-panned, dynamic psychedelic noise waves with occasional moments of breathing room. Crank it up and celebrate the modern collapse.

mt107cs-a.mp3Closed Circuit Visions of the Apocalypse mt108cs-b.mp3Artificial Sleep

[mt106cs] Acre Beyond Cease to Exist c-22 **LAST COPY**
Aaron Davis with some of his first new recordings in five years — slow moving riffs and minimal drum machine emerging from his trademark tonal sea.

mt106cs-a.mp3Schlazed mt106cs-b.mp3Trust

[mt105cs] HHL Thrall c-40 **LAST COPY**
Orange County harsh crust, bright scrap metal manipulations atop crunchy and intricatly shifting layers of low-end noise electronics. “The nightmare lives on.”

mt105cs-a.mp3Ascribing Intent mt104cs-b.mp3Absolving Guilt

[mt100lp/cs] Pedestrian Deposit The Architector LP / c-40
The culmination of five years of obsessive work — fits and starts of ongoing perfectionism that spawned two solo projects and two additional records. Beginning with crude and unfamiliar source materials, each sound is examined from every possible angle, then taken apart and reconstructed along with the compositional process. From 2010 forward, each phase is represented; the past three U.S. tours have given clues, and these recordings offer more of the puzzle, but you will never get everything at once. To be experienced as foreground with no distractions.

mt100lp-a.mp3A Cold Harvest mt100lp-b.mp3Shifted Snake

[mt98cs] Sterile Garden Ryta c-24
Industrial sound research. A direct lineage from such Colorado essentials as Architect's Office, Jeph Jerman and Eric Lunde's "Colorado Terrain Investigation." Tapes as composition; sounds are re-approrpriated and broadcast from deep underground, filtered through generations of grit and process, leaving only the important elements at the forefront.

mt98cs-a.mp3Ryta mt98cs-b.mp3Meditation in Samsara

[mt96cs] Vat A Pile Over There / Spoiled Milk Panties c-30
Previous Vat efforts have focused on the classic 'americanoise' approach of scrap metal through distortion overload. 'A Pile …' sees Chris Conroy merging elements of that aesthetic with ideas normally reserved for his other project, Lungwash. Layers of metal abuse and feedback are processed through gritty fuzz and hiss signals, gaining intensity throughout the duration of each side.

mt96cs-a.mp3A Pile Over There mt96cs-bSpoiled Milk Panties

[mt95cs] A Week Of Kindness In Shadow's Country c-42
Sean E. Matzus is a Houston-based artist regarded for his solo projects (Red Hook, Thewhitehorse, The Secret Geography, etc), while also known for his work in several Richard Ramirez projects (Black Leather Jesus, Priest In Shit, Last Rape, etc.), and operating the Unlimited Drift label. A Week Of Kindness acts in contrast to his other mostly harsh noise / wall material. Distant, filtered vocals and manipulated junk metal weave in and out of field recordings and subtle tonal shifts. A dark and surreal journey of expertly crafted experimental soundwork. Highly recommended.

mt95cs-a.mp3The Cocoons mt95cs-b.mp3I Can Hear the Nightbirds Singing

[mt93cs] Nephila Subcutaneous Memory c-20
Long awaited debut solo recordings from Shannon A. Kennedy (Pedestrian Deposit). Narrative compositions for zither, homemade string instruments and other surprises that evoke the spirits of surrealism, dark experimental music, and traditional asian instruments. Two pieces from 2009 and 2012; recommended listening under low light, a full moon, or in the woods. Special art edition forthcoming from Shannon directly.

mt93cs-a.mp3A Subtle Shift in the Smallest Hours mt93cs-b.mp3Bent With the Wind

[mt92cd] Rale I Sit By The Window And Watch Walls And Ceiling CD
Perhaps William Hutson's best achievement yet, an impeccable follow up to his excellent 'Some Kissed Charms …' LP for the Isounderscore label last year. Long form, expert-level sound collage, composed with the format in mind from improvisations recorded between 2007 - 2011 as a continuous piece in seven parts. Weaving together the aesthetics of minimalism, academia, and subterranean noise study with electro-acoustics and elements of dark soundtrack style synth work, the end result is rich and modern musique concrete with a heavy literary influence overhead. Essential.

mt92cd-3.mp3Swimming Beside the Plane mt92cd-7.mp3When It Becomes the World

[mt91cd] Vasculae Cultural Primitivism CD
Full circle. A new project from Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Everyday Loneliness, Emaciator, etc). After several years of operating in more subtle areas of experimental music, Vasculae is a return to form; sharp noise composition with emphasis on layering, texture, purity, and 'natural dynamics,' as opposed to the rapid-fire cut-ups of the past. Elements of wall noise, crackle, and 90's style raw blast are fused in these three tracks pulled from two years of intermittent 5-7 hour recording sessions. No melodic ambient interludes, no tape loops, no instruments -- only the sources of pure noise textures.

mt91cd-1.mp3Retrograde mt91cd3.mp3The Dying of the Light

[mt90cs] Wrong Hole Virgins Go To Hell, Fuck Your Way To Heaven c-15 **LAST COPY**
A new prodigy following in the tradition of Weak Sisters, 18-year old Nial Morgan has been ruling the game in Los Angeles for the past year; consistently one-upping himself and gaining momentum at an astonishing rate. The tracks here display his ability to craft both well-paced harsh noise and dark urban-noir sound collage. An instant, shining classic of noise composition -- and hope for the future at once.

mt90cs-a.mp3Blindspin mt90cs-bDropshaft

[mt89cs] Droughter Death Charm c-20
Before 'wall noise' simplified creative development for a generation of noiseheads, there were the mid-90's -- arguably the most influential period for many. Without narrowing sub-genre tags, artists created work with substance, heart and soul -- work that was at once monotonous, yet dynamic; dirty and lo-fi, yet clear; primitive, yet detailed -- physical. The spirit of that era is the main influence for Droughter here; using only crude electronics and tape loops, Kevin McEleney looks back, yet doesn't get trapped in a time capsule.

mt89cs-a.mp3Gutter Dog mt89cs-b.mp3No Courage

[mt78cd] Pedestrian Deposit East Fork / North Fork CD
Deluxe instant reissue of the much-too-limited edition Housecraft tape, including two new and previously unreleased tracks; 32 minutes of new music. Reflective of our live sets of the past year and a half. Residing in the netherworld between various genres, as usual.

mt78cd-1.mp3A Light Through Sediment mt78cd-2.mp3Cycle of Combustion

[mt68cd] Pedestrian Deposit Austere CD
Five years in the making, and the first duo recordings -- a very, very calculated and controlled effort. Moving past the harsh noise cutups but not eschewing them entirely; rather, moving forward to areas of sound collage, music-concrete, field recording and electroacoustic. To be heard as one long piece. The progression continues.

mt68cd-1.mp3Requite mt68cd-2.mp3You Didn't Break Me

[mt63lp] Infinite Body / Emaciator Split LP
Saturated harsh melodicism from I.B.; two tracks bridged by a solo voice recording. Synth driven by the human voice; screaming to make beautiful tones. Emaciator side is a dense, dense drone of older / early style throb getting submerged by layers upon layers of guitar drones and keyboard melodies -- finally wearing down to an optimistic close.

mt63lp-a.mp3And Will it Matter mt63lp-b.mp3Butterflies