Select discontinued titles available for digital download via bandcamp.

mt1cs [mt1cs] Pedestrian Deposit Median c-8 EP

Side A: Economy Departure
Side B: Median

100 copies.
mt2cd [mt2cd / hos-59 / PBTS1.33] Richard Ramirez / Flatline Construct / Prurient Collaboration CD

Two untitled tracks

500 copies; co-released with Hospital Productions and Peel Back The Sky.
mt3cs [mt3cs] Circuit Wound Disruption In Modern Progress C-30

Side A: Skyscraper Slowly Collapsed
Side B: Gridlock Explosion

50 copies, first 25 with hand-wounded circuit boards.
mt4cd [mt4cd] Ames Sanglantes Street Violence CD-r

1. Being Beat Up
2. Being Beat Up Again

50 copies.
mt5cs [mt5cs] Prurient Guide to Grooming c-20

Side A: Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy
Side B: Maji B2: Arson: Band-Aid B3: Fire Alarm (The Language Of The Body)

118 copies.
mt6cd [mt6cd / hos-63] Richard Ramirez Amplified Tactics: Live in Mexico / Texas 1999 2xCD-r

1: Dec. 11. Laredo, Texas At Casa Flores Gallery
2: Dec. 12. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico At Atrapadas Bar
3: Dec. 17. Monterrey, Mexico At Metomorphosis Club
4: Dec. 18. Reynosa, Mexico At Club Terminales

50 copies; co-released with Hospital Productions.
mt7cd [mt7cd] Phroq Robotic Pie CD-r

18 untitled tracks

50 copies.
mt8cd [mt8cd] Delayed Sleep The Somnambulist CD-r

9 untitled tracks

50 copies.
mt9cd [mt9cs] Prurient Something Terrible has Happened and I Need Your Help c-25

Both sides untitled

20 copies.
mt10cd [mt10cd] Pedestrian Deposit Anatomy Scum-Drum 3" CD-r

1. Brunette (On The Chair Mix)
2. Black Turtleneck / Slender Stature
3. Figure Is Ruined (with Viodre)

50 copies.
mt10.5cd [mt10.5cd] Pedestrian Deposit Disc Study 3" CD-r

1. Disc Study

10 copies.
mt11cs [mt11cs] Pedestrian Deposit Damsel c-20

Side A : Near
Side B : Lilium

100 copies.
mt12/13/14cs [mt12cs, mt13cs, mt14cs] Pedestrian Deposit Debilitant, Erase, Stitching c-60, c-46, c-50

Debilitant, Side A: Ankle Side B: Skirt
Erase, Side C: Electrostatics 1 and 2 Side D: Insection
Stitching, Side E: Rhythmia Side F: Fishnet Stockings / Knee-High Leather Boots

30 copies.
mt15cs [mt15cs] Emptiness / Worthless c-10

Side A: Emptiness
Side B: Worthless

100 copies.
mt16cd [mt16cd] 666 Volt Battery Noise Birth Control 3" CD-r

1. Birth Control-1
2. Birth Control-2

70 copies.
mt16.5cs [mt16.5acd] Pedestrian Deposit Pure Audio Failure: Live Recordings CD-r

1. 07/26/2002 at 21 Grand Gallery, Oakland, CA
2. 06/19/2003 at Brommer St. House, Santa Cruz, CA
3. 05/25/2003 at KFJC, Los Altos Hills CA

19 copies.
mt165b [mt16.5bcs] Pedestrian Deposit Facade one-sided c-90

Side A: Heels + Seeds / Stirrups

7 copies.
mt17cd [mt17cd / 23CD0112] Metrocide / Pedestrian Deposit Collaboration CD-r

1. Metrocide - Ist
2. Pedestrian Deposit - Wrist Posture (remix of Metrocide source)
3. Metrocide - Power Posture (remix of PD source)
4. Pedestrian Deposit - A Reminder Of What We Cannot Have

50 copies; co-released with 23 Productions.
mt18cd [mt18cd] Soren Fading Memories 3" CD-r

1. Fading Memories

50 copies.
mt19cs [mt19cs] The Cherry Point Bloodstalkers c-20

Both sides untitled

50 copies.
mt20.5cs [mt20.5cs] Pedestrian Deposit Mechanism c-10

Side A: Mechanism One
Side B: Mechanism Two

5 copies.
mt21cs [mt21cs] Oscillating Innards / Pedestrian Deposit Foreshadowing c-20

Side A: Oscillating Innards - Mixing My Tenses Like A Bastard A2: Are / Not Our
Side B: Pedestrian Deposit - Unstable

100 copies.
mt22cs [mt22cs] Pedestrian Deposit Live Lungmotor c-20

Side A: Stray Threads
Side B: Despite My Attempts

100 copies.
mt23cs [mt23cs] The Cherry Point / Pedestrian Deposit Split c-20

Side A: The Cherry Point - Terror Storm
Side B: Pedestrian Deposit - Miserable Life

20 copies.
mt24cs [mt24cs] a fail association these are the rains of our yearning c-20

Side A: Give, Part II
Side B: Desire (A Play In One Act)

50 copies.
mt25cs [mt25cs] Ahlzagailzehguh Disruptive Resistance c-20

Side A: Hard Time A2: Set Back A3: Getting Worse A4: In For It
Side B: Finish The Job

50 copies. Re-issued in 2010 on Collapsed Hole.
mt26cs [mt26cs] The Rita Flapper Influence From French Prostitutes c-40

Side A: Blackened Torso
Side B: Knee Rouge

50 copies.
mt27cs [mt27cs] Impregnable / Pedestrian Deposit Forlorn (endless longing) c-20

Side A: Impregnable - Veils
Side B: Pedestrian Deposit - Absent

100 copies.
mt28cs [mt28cs] Immaculate:Grotesque Wishing the Days Away c-20

Both sides untitled

50 copies.
mt29cs [mt29cs] Pedestrian Deposit Come-hither c-10

Side A: Apart
Side B: Cannot (Loneliness mix)

100 copies.
mt30cs [mt30cs] Ex-Jesus / Pedestrian Deposit Split c-10

Side A
: Ex-Jesus - I'm Open
Side B: Pedestrian Deposit - One-sided Infatuation

100 copies.
mt31cs [mt31cs] FUBAR #1 c-10

Both sides untitled

25 copies.
mt32cs [mt32cs / CG020] Without Belonging 2xc-10

Each side untitled

100 copies, co-released with Callow God.
mt33cs [mt33cs] Without Belonging Solace c-26

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt34cs [mt34cs] Filthy Turd Woman in a cage / Woman on a Leash c-48

Side A: Woman In A Cage
Side B: Woman On A Leash

100 copies.
mt25cs [mt35cs] Emaciator Triumph c-20

Side A: Triumph
Side B: Defiance

100 copies.
mt36cs [mt36cs] Privy Seals / Pedestrian Deposit Split c-10

Side A: Privy Seals - Cut Off
Side B: Pedestrian Deposit - Delicate Flower

100 copies.
mt37cs [mt37cs] Pedestrian Deposit Severance c-24

Side A: Overcast
Side B: Apologetic

100 copies.
mt38cs [mt38cs] Emaciator Failed c-30

Side A: Last Chance
Side B: Failed (again)

100 copies.
mt39cs [mt39cs] Ferveur Noire Prey c-20

Side A: Saboteur
Side B: Distant

100 copies.
mt40cs [mt40cs] goodbye, take me with you c-15

Side A: Goodbye
Side B: Take Me With You

100 copies.
mt41cs [mt41cs] Everyday Loneliness c-12

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt42cs [mt42cs] Emaciator Neglect c-46

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt43cs [mt43cs] Caen The History Of Your Immediate Surroundings c-26

Side A: A Swell Of Winter Memories
Side B: Sites
B2: Gifts
B3: Tree Of Life

100 copies.
mt44cs [mt44cs] Evenings Descending Coma c-34

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt45cs [mt45cs] Kakerlak Unsafe Vitality c-30

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt46cs [mt46cs] God Willing Different and Worse c-15

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt47cs [mt47cs] Taiga Remains Glass Estuary c-20

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt48cs [mt48cs] Without Belonging Forgiveness c-12

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt49cs [mt49cs] Work / Death Our Quiet Times Together c-20

Side A: Self Portrait In Dominick's Former Bedroom
Side B: Pearly Dew Drops Drops

100 copies.
mt50cs [mt50cs] Jewish Uprising Desperate Prince Charming c-6

Side A: Fingers Crossed | Wet Dream A2: Red Zone A3: Prison Zone
Side B: Trojan Man B2: A.D.B. B3: Minor Threat

100 copies.
mt51cs [mt51cs] Warmth Debbie Downer And We All Follow c-40

One untitled track across both sides

100 copies.
mt52cs [mt52cs] Changeling On The Other Side Of You c-30

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt53p [mt53p] save what you can photozine

12 pages

100 copies.
mt54cs [mt54cs] Rale Golden, Sans Noun c-34

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt55cs [mt55cs] Paranoid Time Pass Out Or Die Trying c-20

Side A: Massive Quantity Of Horse Tranquilizers, All Powdered Up And Snorted
Side B: Drain My Brain Vein

100 copies.
mt56cs [mt56cs] Aaron Dilloway Mousetrap c-20

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.
mt57cs [mt57cs] Greater Saga Nasence c-34

Side A: Christened Cold Sky
Side B: Winter / Autumn Yearning B2: Abdication

100 copies.
mt58cs [mt58cs] V/A Project Housing c-30

Side A: Trash Dog / Public Bummer / Cell Block / Coyote Killer / Snakebite / Rawar / Pukers / Jewish Uprising / Total Abuse
Side B: Deep Jew / Chameleoness / Cell Block / Snakebite / Pukers / Jewish Uprising / Marine Rape

100 copies.
mt59cs [mt59cs] Lithium Dreams Omega Prism c-34

Side A: Hourglass
Side B: Chinese Hologram

100 copies.
mt60cs [mt60cs] Treetops Eternal Sky c-30

Side A: Hope Always A2: Arrogant Youth A3: Voice Of Man
Side B: Only In Dreams B2: Remember
100 copies.
mt61cs [mt61cs] Earn Down The Well c-26

Side A: Speechless Men A2: Please A3: She Could Only Remember
Side B: Down The Well B2: Barrier B3: I Was Only A Ghost

100 copies.
mt62cs [mt62cs] Marble Sky Sway c-20

Side A: Standing Still
Side B: Bell Ringing Softly

100 copies.
mt64cs [mt64cs] Emaciator Appease c-22

Side A: Not Knowing, But Knowing
Side B: May We Transcend

100 copies.
mt65cs [mt65cs] Terrors Inequipoise c-30

Side A: Inequipoise / Smoke Anyway A2: Flesh & Soil A3: Wrought Iron Door
Side B: Turn Out The Cradle B2: Name B3: Flail Or Rust B4: Last Chance / FNB

100 copies.
mt66cs [mt66cs] Robedoor Exorcist Blues c-33

Side A: Magic Tar Pit Ride A2: Shades
Side B: Into Shadow (demo version) B2: Natural Darkness

100 copies.
mt67cs [mt67cs] Work / Death Contained In Proper Place Names c-24

Side A: In Search Of Sunrise (Champagne Neverland Mix)
Side B: Gull Deep Inland (Gordon Overlooking The Atlantic)

100 copies.
mt69cs [mt69cs] Endless Time Coasting c-20

Side A: Bed Of Sand
Side B: Warm Waves Wash Over

100 copies.
mt70cs [mt70cs] Cloaked Light Creek c-31

Side A: Nor Yet A2: A Lonely Painter
Side B: Orobl Day

100 copies.
mt71cs [mt71cs] Sean McCann A Wind In Their Way c-35

Side A: Branch Chambers Pts I + II
Side B: Cathedral Of Limbs

100 copies.
mt72cs [mt72cs] Emaciator Defeat c-35

Side A: In A Past Life
Side B: Righting Wrongs

100 copies.
mt73cs [mt73cs] Vestigial Limb Now, Voyager c-30

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt74cs [mt74cs] Copper Glove Dead Space / No Power c-26

Side A: Closet A2: Hull Pressure A3: Generator IV A4: Drop
Side B: SDF (Blown) B2: Radiate B3: Eject / Frenzied B4: Control + Release

100 copies.
mt75cs [mt75cs] Wether Human Parka c-30

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt76cs [mt76cs] Larval Hairs Aedes Flashback 2xc-45

Side A: Ovum
Side B: Conceal
Side C: Transform
Side D: Emerge

100 copies.
mt77cs [mt77cs] Emuul ... On The Origins Of Motion c-28

Side A: Dbux 300618
Side B: Naming The Quiet B2: Three Dots (Night Visions Part I)

100 copies.
mt79cs [mt79cs] Lithium Dreams / Starla Dust c-20

Side A: Lithium Dreams - Phaeton Sphinx
Side B: Starla Dust - Alpha Minx

100 copies.
mt80cs [mt80cs] Phantom Pains Obelisk c-32

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt81cs [mt81cs] Josh Burke Vista c-23

Side A: Dreams Of Flight A2: Blue Aura
Side B: Screen In The Sky B2: Petals

100 copies.
mt82cs [mt82cs] Before, After c-24

Side A: Accent A2: Reflecton Across Water
Side B: Separate B2: Light Breaks Through The Darkest Clouds

100 copies.
mt83cs [mt83cs] Kevin Greenspon Unveiling c-25

Side A: Back Light A2: Slit Mesh A3: Exposé
Side B: Wireframe B2: Unveiling B3: Exhibit

100 copies.
mt84cs [mt84cs] Mirror to Mirror Just Escaping c-30

Side A: Through Judgement
Side B: Leaving The City

100 copies.
mt85cs [mt85cs] Brandon Nickell The World Is A Refuge From Perfection c-23

Side A: Death Phoebus
Side B: übermensch

100 copies.
mt86cs [mt86cs] Skin Graft Far Worse c-28

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt87cs [mt87cs] Sky Stadium Setting Vision c-24

Side A: It's Tonight
Side B: Skylight In Dream Time

100 copies.
mt88cs [mt88cs] Monsturo CTS14 c-19

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt89cs [mt89cs] Droughter Death Charm c-20

Side A: Gutter Dog
Side B: No Courage

100 copies.
mt90cs [mt90cs] Wrong Hole Virgins Go To Hell, Fuck Your Way To Heaven c-19

Side A: Blindspin
Side B: Dropshaft

100 copies.
mt94cs [mt94cs] Werewolf Jerusalem Hand Of The Gallows c-40

Side A: The Door With Seven Locks
Side B: Death Drums Along The Rivers

100 copies.
mt95cs [mt95cs] A Week Of Kindness In Shadow's Country c-42

Side A: The Cocoons
Side B: I Can Hear The Nightbirds Singing

100 copies.
mt96cs [mt96cs] Vat A Pile Over There / Spoiled Milk Panties c-30

Side A: A Pile Over There
Side B: Spoiled Milk Panties

100 copies.
mt97cs [mt97cs] Developer mt97cs c-30

Both Sides Untitled

100 copies.v
mt98cs [mt98cs] Sterile Garden Ryta c-24

Side A: Ryta
Side B: Meditation in Samsara

100 copies.
mt99cs [mt99cs] Mlehst Cunt Trouble c-30

Side A: Payment In Kind A2: Naughty Horse A3: Reins Of Glory
Side B: A Pretorite Am I B2: Bitch Punishment 13-13-13 B3: Apotheosis Of The Savage

100 copies.
mt101cs [mt101cs] Lettera 22 Subsequent Teeth c-28

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt102cs [mt102cs] LXV Witness/Recall c-28

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt103cs [mt103cs] Scant Wake of Dissolution c-20

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt104cs [mt104cs] Gene Pick Separate Control c-18

Side A: Separate Control 1
Side B: Live4n

100 copies.
mt105cs [mt105cs] HHL Thrall c-40

Side A: Ascribing Intent
Side B: Absolving Guilt

100 copies.
mt106cs [mt106cs] Acre Beyond Cease To Exist c-20

A1: Low
A2: Schlazed
Side B: Trust

100 copies.
mt107cs [mt107cs] Circuit Wound Succumbing To The Inevitable Automation c-46

A1: Person to be Protected / Person to be Restrained
A2: Closed Circuit Visions of the Apocalypse
A3: Succumbing To The Inevitable Automation
B1: 500,000,000
B2: Everything That Matters to you Has Been Destroyed.
B3: Artificial Sleep

100 copies.
mt108cs [mt108cs] Cremation Lily Journal c-20

Side A: Studie Nr. 1: Nacht A2: Studie Nr. 2: Morgen
Side B: Studie Nr. 3: Nachmittag B2: Studie Nr. 4: Abend

100 copies.
mt108cs [mt109cs] False Moniker In Parenthesis c-30

Side A: The Centre of the Maze A2: Retina A3: A Last Venture
Side B: In Parentheis B2: Reflecting Sunlight B3: The Manifold Dunes

100 copies.
mt110cs [mt110cs] Slow Tongued Beauty Sopportare c-28

Both sides untitled

100 copies.
mt111cs [mt111cs] Hostage Pageant Extinguisher c-20

Side A: Zero Equals Zero
Side B: Off-Camera Light Source

100 copies.
mt112cs [mt112cs] Torba Laavg Drjòt c-20

Side A: Laavg
Side B: Drjòt

100 copies.
mt113cs [mt113cs] Gene Pick Adhesion Coefficient c-31

Side A: Impedance Bond
Side B: Adhesion Coefficient

100 copies.
mt114cs [mt114cs] Shredded Nerve Bleeding From The Head c-32

Side A: Highline (A Dying Mind's Eye) A2: Ensnared Within Itself
Side B: The Confluence B2: Spontaneous Pnemothorax B3: Bleeding From The Head The Laughter Continues

100 copies.
mt115cs [mt115cs] Jim Haynes Vane Dodson c-40

Side A: Kilo
Side B: Vane Dodson V B2: Vane Dodson IV

100 copies.
mt116cs [mt116cs] Still Image Without c-20

Side A: Above A Solitary Structure A2: A Frame Within A Frame
Side B: Insulate B2: Guns Now Appear Silent

100 copies.
mt117cs [mt117cs] Stroker Dolores c-28

Side A: Sanguine A2: Totaled A3: Authorized Benevolence
Side B: Child's Play B2: Two As One

100 copies.
mt118cs [mt118cs] Nick Klein White Cliffs Of Dover c-30

Side A: The Smoke and The Mirror A2: Clumsy Magician
Side B: Necking B2: Gnuce River

100 copies.
mt119cs [mt119cs] Tinnitustimulus Punct / Contrapunct c-20

Side A: Punct A2: Flueira
Side B: Curge B2: Contrapunct

100 copies.
mt123cs [mt123cs] øjeRum Under Røde Måner c-40

Side A: Under Røde Måner - Part I
Side B: Under Røde Måner - Part II

100 copies.