Commitment #5 zine
"Fifth in the Commitment Series. Featuring collaborative & solo works by Kevin McEleney & Jonathan Borges. 8.5" x 5.5", 14 pages, B&W hand numbered edition of 50."

Everyday Loneliness False Validations LP
Quaduruple removed re-recontexualizations of cassette and digitally recorded sources.

Vasculae Receding Stasis CD-r
Painfully overextended 90's noise worship; blocks of harsh textures that unfold patiently, with the occasional abrupt change. Two tracks, 64 minutes, for the sadists.

virulent lapse inferential

Hospital Productions / Hanson Records Pedestrian Deposit Fatale CD
Meticulously edited harsh electronic noise. Ultra spastic and cut-up sound with passages of truly dismal piano, tape manipulations and drones.

Inner Space Tender Love / Anemone Tube Split 7"
A great split record of organic, dark-ambient / industrial noise from these U.S. and European projects.