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new [mt138cd] Dave Gilden Texas Chainsaw Dopefiend CD : mt138cd-1.mp3Fucked mt138cd-2.mp3Devil Worship
[mt139cd] Vasculae Broken Lust CD : mt139cd-1.mp3Fragmentary I: Broken mt139cd-2.mp3Fragmentary II: Lust

European distributors and customers can purchase 'Texas Chainsaw Dopefiend' via S.A.P. Records
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recent [mt134cd] Pedestrian Deposit Nostalgia: 2000-06 3xCD : mt134cd-1.mp3Black Ponytail mt134cd-2.mp3Absent mt134cd-3.mp3Never Let You Go
[mt136cs] History of Leather Courte Oreilles to 33rd c-20 : mt136cs-a.mp3Northwoods mt136cs-b.mp3Rivers Edge Plaza
[mt137cs] A Fail Association This Will Hurt You More Than It Will Hurt Me c-60 : mt137cs-a.mp3Pure 1 mt137cs-b.mp3Pure 2

soon ...

live September 1 - Coaxial; Los Angeles CA
Pedestrian Deposit
With: Mas Guerrero, Alex Pelly, Morph Choir
8pm; ticket link

September 17 - Rubber Gloves; Denton TX
Pedestrian Deposit
With: Drew McDowall, Shredded Nerve, Ye Gods, Entro, Closed City, R. Buttrum, Formless Ocean, Frontale Club
7pm; ticket link