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live March - May 2019
Pedestrian Deposit: U.S. tour

March 19 - Palo Verde Lounge; Tempe AZ
With: Gabby Isaac, Sean Pierce, Genital Stigmata, Npsych MFK

March 20 - Etiquette; Santa Fe NM
With: Theodore Cale Schaefer

March 22 - Andy's Bar; Denton TX
With: FILTH, Scuffed, A(Sex), Sobering, MomWoW

March 23 - 523 Thompson; Austin TX
With: Dromez, Glasgow Smile, T.E.F., Skullcaster, Gerritt Wittmer

March 24 - Notsuoh; Houston TX
With: Illicit Relationship, Glasgow Smile, T.E.F.

March 25 - Mudlark Public Theater; New Orleans LA
With: Divorce Ring, fri(G)id

March 26 - Portal 4; Gainesville FL
With: Lavas Magmas, Bluesharp, Ironing, Frog

March 27 - Churchill's; Miami FL
With: Sharlyn Evertsz, Street Rat, Period Bomb, Ellen Ripley, Academic, Calnepuelco, Yam Yam, Laboratory, Gorgeous

March 28 - Stardust Video; Orlando FL
With: Formaldehydra, Ootheca

March 29 - Jacksonville FL

March 30 - ATHICA (Institute for Contemporary Art); Athens GA
With: Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Grant Evans, Wet Garden

March 31 - Nightlight; Chapel Hill NC
With: CFVSIII, Governance, Housefire

April 1 - Chicken Kaos Private Prison; Richmond VA
With: A.S.D., Dyrt, Rural Tourniquet, Xenojothsz

April 2 - The Bank; Baltimore MD

April 3 - Dustbunny; Philadelphia PA
With: Gene Pick, Coteries, Pak, Slow Tongued Beauty

April 6 - Secret Project Robot; New York NY
Ende Tymes Festival
With: Mike Sidnam, John Gross, Coagulative Necrosis, J Surak, Ikue Mori & Charmaine Lee, SICKNESS, Sterile Garden, Raven Chacon & Laura Ortman, January Hunt, The Haters, Puce Mary, Ex-Jesus, Form Hunter, Skin Graft, Shredded Nerve

April 10 - The State House; New Haven CT
With: OMEI, Tongue Depressor

April 11 - Psychic Readings; Providence RI
With: Purism, Tinnitustimulus, Sects

April 12 - Zero Station; Portland ME
With: Sterile Garden, Patrick Carey

April 13 - Cambridge Elks Lodge; Cambridge MA
With: Max Noi Mach, Universal Cell Unlock, Network Glass, Isolde Touch, Dream Surgery

April 14 - Sugar City; Buffalo NY

April 15 - Collision; Pittsburgh PA
With: Deterge + Black Leather Jesus, W00dy, Charmaine's Names

April 16 - Hive Mind; Akron OH
With: Parabola, Serrated Slump

April 17 - Tympanum; Warren MI
With: Sung Water, Cultural Fog

April 18 - The House Where I Died; Grand Rapids MI
With: Plagues, Paranoid Time

April 19 - The Hideout; Chicago IL
With: ONO, Nude Attitude

April 20 - William A. Kerr Foundation; St. Louis MO
With: Nadir Smith, Iron Bars

April 21 - Artemisia Studios; Memphis TN

April 22 - The Spot; Chattanooga TN
With: Tryezz, Dixon III, Mr. Strawberry

April 23 - Nashville TN

April 24 - Torn Light; Cincinnati OH

April 25 - I Fell; Bloomington IN
With: Disconnector, Psychic Eminence

April 26 - Brinn Labs; Milwaukee WI
With: Peter J. Woods, Kingston Family Singers

April 27 - The Jazz Gallery Center For The Arts; Milwaukee WI
Nephila Workshop; Vasculae
With: C. Olivia Valenza, Eli Smith

April 28 - Eagles 34; Minneapolis MN

April 30 - Seagrave Studios; Fargo ND
With: Luer, Sword of Kahless, Soell, Viator, Edwin Perry Manchester

May 1 - Midtown Art; Omaha NE
With: CBN, Dirty Fur

May 2 - Kansas City MO

May 4 - Tulsa OK
Tulsa Noise Fest

May 5 - Kirby's Beer Store; Wichita KS

May 6 - Syntax Physic Opera; Denver CO
With: Entrancer, Anime Love Hotel, Sunk Cost

May 7 - Diabolical Records; Salt Lake City UT

May 10 - LoFi; Seattle WA

May 11 - Cryptatropa; Olympia WA
With: Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, Entrail

May 12 - Azoth; Portland OR
With: Daniel Menche, Flysch, Sleeping With The Earth

May 14 - Richard's Goat Tavern & Tea Room; Arcata CA
With: Car Made of Glass, Arugula, Goruta

May 15 - Oakland CA

May 16 - Chewing Foil; Los Angeles CA
With: Horoscope, JH1.FS3, Andorkappen