new [mt110cs] Slow Tongued Beauty Sopportare c-28 : mt110cs-a.mp3Side A mt110cs-a.mp3Side B
[mt111cs] Hostage Pageant Extinguisher c-20 : mt111cs-a.mp3Zero Equals Zero mt111cs-b.mp3Off-Camera Light Source

recent [mt107cs] Circuit Wound Succumbing to the Inevitable Automation c-46 : mt107cs-a.mp3Closed Circuit Visions of the Apocalypse mt107cs-b.mp3Artificial Sleep
[mt108cs] Cremation Lily Journal c-20 : mt108cs-a.mp3Studie Nr. 1: Nacht mt108cs-b.mp3Studie Nr. 3: Nachmittag
[mt109cs] False Moniker In Parenthesis c-30 : mt109cs-a.mp3Retina mt109cs-b.mp3The Manifold Dunes

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live April 14 - The Handbag Factory; Los Angeles CA
Pedestrian Deposit
The Handbag Factory six year anniversary; more info TBA.

April 20 - The Handbag Factory; Los Angeles CA
With: Harness, Action / Discipline, KIRA, Race To The Bottom
9pm; $5.