new [mt110cs] Slow Tongued Beauty Sopportare c-28 : mt110cs-a.mp3Side A mt110cs-a.mp3Side B
[mt111cs] Hostage Pageant Extinguisher c-20 : mt111cs-a.mp3Zero Equals Zero mt111cs-b.mp3Off-Camera Light Source

recent [mt107cs] Circuit Wound Succumbing to the Inevitable Automation c-46 : mt107cs-a.mp3Closed Circuit Visions of the Apocalypse mt107cs-b.mp3Artificial Sleep
[mt108cs] Cremation Lily Journal c-20 : mt108cs-a.mp3Studie Nr. 1: Nacht mt108cs-b.mp3Studie Nr. 3: Nachmittag
[mt109cs] False Moniker In Parenthesis c-30 : mt109cs-a.mp3Retina mt109cs-b.mp3The Manifold Dunes

later Torba, Shredded Nerve, Gene Pick, Jim Haynes, Still Image, No Dreams, Stroker, Nephila, Tinnitustimulus, Nick Klein, Vasculae, Positive Shadow, Fleeting Breath, Plague Mother, Sissisters ...
live April 14 - The Handbag Factory; Los Angeles CA
Pedestrian Deposit at Hell in A Handbag, day 2
With: S&ndC&stle, Seamstress, Micaela Tobin & William Hutson, Of The Skull, Submissions, Snakehole, Conscious Summary, Tom Hall, Ezra Buchla, Wreck and Reference, Eva Aguila, Pulsating Cyst, Instagon, Bastard Noise
7pm; $10.

April 20 - The Handbag Factory; Los Angeles CA
With: Harness, Action / Discipline, KIRA, Race To The Bottom
9pm; $5.