new [mt118cs] Nick Klein White Cliffs of Dover c-30 : mt118cs-a.mp3Clumsy Magician mt118cs-b.mp3Necking
[mt119cs] Tinnitustimulus Punct / Contrapunct c-20 : mt119cs-a.mp3Flueira mt119cs-b.mp3Contrapunct

recent [mt114cs] Shredded Nerve Bleeding From The Head c-32 : mt114cs-a.mp3Ensnared Within Itself mt114cs-b.mp3Bleeding From The Head The Laughter Continues
[mt115cs] Jim Haynes Vane Dodson c-40 : mt115cs-a.mp3Kilo mt115cs-b.mp3Vane Dodson IV
[mt116cs] Still Image Without c-20 : mt116cs-a.mp3Above A Solitary Structure mt116cs-b.mp3Guns Now Appear Silent
[mt117cs] Stroker Dolores c-28 : mt117cs-a.mp3Totaled mt117cs-b.mp3Child's Play

later Pedestrian Deposit, Nephila, Vasculae
live September 27 - Coaxial; 1815 S. Main St., Los Angeles CA:
With: Sects, Sunk Cost, Liebestod, Nial Morgan, Sissisters
9pm; $7. RSVP.