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recent [mt139cd] Vasculae Broken Lust CD : mt139cd-1.mp3Fragmentary I: Broken mt139cd-2.mp3Fragmentary II: Lust
[mt140cs] Tinnitustimulus Scrinj Maas c-40 : mt140cs-1.mp3Scread mt140cs-2.mp3Pistel
[mt141cs] Dominic Coppola Prisms in Dalliance c-30 : mt141cs-1.mp3Intercede For Us mt141cs-2.mp3At The Mercy of an Aphrodisiac

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WANTS If you have any of these at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Alfa Jerk - Tape #1 CS (David Gilden Self-Released)
Alfa Jerk - Tape #2 CS (David Gilden Self-Released)
A.M.B. - Lo-Hi CS (Zikachudoku)
A.M.B. - Skinned CS (Zikachudoku)
A.M.B. - Neurolysis CS (Zikachudoku)
A.M.B. - SW CS (Zikachudoku)
A.M.B. - XXX CS (Zikachudoku)
A.M.B. - Cite Douloureuse 2xCS (Zikachudoku?)
A.M.B. - Implosion C46 (Zikachudoku?)
Black Leather Jesus - Smut VHS (Deadline Recordings)
Black Leather Jesus - False Machinery Loaded VHS (Deadline Recordings)
Black Leather Jesus - Butcher! CS (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers)
Black Leather Jesus - SM CS (Chocloate Monk)
Black Leather Jesus - Glorious Sadism Vol. 1&2 2xCS (Chaotic Noise)
Black Leather Jesus - Glorious Sadism Vol. 3&4 2xCS (Chaotic Noise)
Bob Marinelli & Free Security News - Collaboration CS (Sound Probe)
Building Of Gel - Coffee CS (Self Abuse)
Chapter 23 - Organic Evolution c-90 (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 - Resistance c-90 (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 / Internal Lilac c-90 (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 / Suture c-60 (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 / Terror State - Biological 001 2xc-60 (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 vs Death Squad & Terror State (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 / S.L.I.P. - Synthetic Silence 7" (Ritual Document Release)
Chapter 23 - With No Reference Point CD (Ritual Document Release)
Crack Fierce - Perspicious Variance CS (Spite)
Cracksteel / Mo*Te - Brain Storm CS (Uncut)
Diagram:A / Proof of the Shooting - Split 2xCS (Uncut)
Ex-Jesus - White Meat c32 (Callow God)
Fissure - Sweet Snappin' Assholes single-sided c40 (Gaping Hole)
David Gilden - 2xCS (Get A Job Records)
David Gilden - Clandestine Manufacture CS (Get A Job Records)
David Gilden / Richard Ramirez - Collaboration #1 (Get A Job Records)
David Gilden / Lasse Marhaug - Split c-90 (New Noise)
Dave Gilden / Francois Douris - Split c-60 (Sound Probe Recordings)
Entropy - Treatments For Guitars, Basses And Piano c-60 (Atavistic)
Flatline Construct - Legacy of Disaster CS (Self-Released)
Japanese Torture Comedy Hour / MSBR - Split CS (Extraction)
Knurl - Chainmeal I + II CS (Panta Rhei)
Knurl - Supravital Memphitis CS (Panta Rhei)
Knurl - Paraphasm CS (Panta Rhei)
K.P. - Moral & Decadent CS (Self-Released)
Meat Shop - Junkie CS (Deadline Recordings)
Mlehst - A Story From My Body CS (Noise@Taiwan)
Mlehst / Expose Your Eyes - Mechanical Stud CS (E.F. Tapes)
Mordant Karma - Profane Libido CS (Trapeze Tapes)
Mo*Te / Kakera - Split CS (White Tapes)
MSBR - Mental Dissolution CS (Bloodlust!)
MSBR - Neuro Demolishment CS (Less Than Zero)
Naj - See Morning c-90 (Self-Released?)
Naj - Spoiled Spine Column c-60 (Self-Released?)
Naj - Akala c-90 (M&E)
Naj - Ferumen c-90 (M&E)
Naj - Active Spoon c-90 (Self-Released?)
Naj - Form-Material c-90 (Self-Released?)
Pain Jerk - ペイン・ジャーク C-30 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Thrill Killer C-30 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Brutalica C-30 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Tape Bomb C-30 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Fóre•Skìn C-30 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Exhibition of Electro-Disease CS (G.R.O.S.S.)
Pain Jerk - Aktion Bruit C-48 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Cacophony of a Thousand Pleasures 3xCS (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Snuff Electronics C-48 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Epistasis C-48 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Pleonasm C-48 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - V C-48 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Savage Extreme C-48 (AMP)
Pain Jerk - Gash C-45 (Puncture)
Pain Jerk - Autocatharsis C-48 (AMP)
Proof Of The Shooting - June 1995 CS (Sound Probe)
Richard Ramirez - Audio Negativism 2xCS (Worthless Human Flesh)
Richard Ramirez - Boy Meets Boy C60 (Jill-Off Tapes)
Richard Ramirez - Venganza CS (Shoplift Recordings)
Richard Ramirez - Sterile Technique CS (Deadline/Dumb Art Records)
Richard Ramirez - Queerbait VHS (Deadline Recordings)
Separation - Manifstatione 2xc-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. III 'Tribal Electronics' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. IV 'Necropolis/Drishyam' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. V 'Slyphid Songs' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. VI 'Ataraxia/Samhadi' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. VII 'Towers of Silence' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. VIII 'Annihilating Light' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. IX 'Untitled' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. XI 'Suffocation c-60 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. XII 'Automated Works' c-90 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. XIII 'Haven In A...' c-60 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. XIV 'The Hand of Reason' c-60 (Corprolith)
Separation - Vol. XV 'Murder Through...' c-60 (Corprolith)
Slave Labor - Vol I + II 2xCS (Mother Savage)
Thirdorgan - The Pornography of Despair CS (SSS)
Tidal - Vol. 1 c60 (Self-Released)
Various - Bliss:Flesh Vol. 2 CS (Xcreteria)
Various - Castration Ballads Volume 1 CS (Loud Cat)
Various - Castration Ballads Volume 2 CS (Loud Cat)
Various - Density 100 2xCS (G.R.O.S.S.)
Various - Density 100 II 2xCS (G.R.O.S.S.)
Various - Freedom Comp ’98 CS (Distorted Vision)
Various - Japanoise CS (Mother Savage Noise Productions)
Various - Noise Now CS (Dumb Art Records)
Various - Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness CS (Workturm Ghetto)
Various - Tearing The Wings Off Of Butterflies CS (Taint)
Various - United States Of Terrorism CS (Deadline Recordings)
Various - Violent Ambient CS (Chocolate Monk)
Woe Is Me - Recurring Delusions, True Stories, Noise Tragedies CS (Self-Released)
Woe Is Me - Big Plans c46 (SE Productions)