jan 17 [mt127cs] Sunk Cost Altitude Sickness c-40 : mt127cs-a.mp3Mountain Fever mt127cs-b.mp3Medical Model
[mt128cs] Nystrand / Klein Bayou Stickee c-22 : mt128cs-a.mp3Side A mt128cs-b.mp3Side B

recent [mt125cs] Scant Estrangement c-24 : mt125cs-a.mp3Side A mt125cs-b.mp3Side B
[mt126cs] Ligature 245 Days In Hell c-20 : mt126cs-a.mp3Pit Viper / Heat Stroke mt126cs-b.mp3Despondency / Brown Recluse

soon Lapse
live January 24-26 2020 - Coaxial; Los Angeles CA
20 Years of Pedestrian Deposit: exhibition and performance

"An exhibition of past and present work displaying a complete collection of released recorded materials, handmade instruments, photos, video and show archives, and culminating in a live performance."

January 24: Opening Reception at 7pm
January 25: Gallery Hours 12pm-11pm
January 26: Closing Reception and performance at 8pm

more info at coaxialarts.org